Thursday, September 4, 2008

The State Fair and Draft horses

We set out for the State Fair as soon as the Farm animal chores were done and we fed ourselves.
It was a bright and sunny morning, abet a wee bit on the cold side. However, that is much better than being too hot.
The traffic was surprisingly light, so we enjoyed that in full measure.
The main reason we were going, is so I could get some Draft horse photos. Unlike New England with their Draft horse shows and pulls.. just about every weekend in different areas. This area has very few. Just one main show around Feb at HAPPS and the State Fair.
No Oxen and Draft horse pull only shows, sadly.
While waiting for the draft horse pull to start.. DH got me the scooter.. personally hate the things but not much choice. We looked around at the livestock.. was a Longhorn Cow we wanted to buy but sadly couldn't find the owners and they did not have any info out other to say it was for sale. Opportunity lost.
DH & DS has to check out the food of course.
Really nice fair for the NW.
Here are just a few of the Draft horse photos I took the last day of the State Fair. Really need a Nikon D300 for the type of photos I want to take but until I can afford it I am stuck with the one I have. Will have to at least get a better flash.
These photos were taken out side where there was better light.
Decided to do close ups and different angles...