Thursday, October 2, 2008

American Made Measuring Cup Test

This is the new set of measuring cups and spoons. Took me a little longer to do this than planned. The Test was," does the cups and spoons measure out true"? Had to make bread this morning so here is what I found.
You can see the flour in the very old measuring cup. One that was made back before everything came from China.
Here is the same flour, moved over to the new Measuring cup. Was a bit tricky to get all the flour in the cup but I managed it. I leveled it off and it did measure true.
Below is another angle so you can see.
So I highly recommend these folks if you want good American Made measuring cups and spoons.
You can see with the spoon handles below that they are signed by the Artist, dated with the year and tells you what wood they used.


nootka said...

Thank you for posting your experience with these items.
Maybe they'd like to be part of the Footprint?

Shari said...

You are welcome. Sure they would. ;O)