Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bennington Potters in VT

I was in need of new mixing bowls,,along with a number of other things that have worn out..of course all at the same time.
But for today I would like to tell you about these mixing bowls.
Being tired of cheap quality chineses made products, that last maybe a year if you are lucky, I went in search for high Quality bowls made in the USA by folks that are born and live in this Country. I remembered Bennington Potters in VT from when we lived in NH. Of course, I remembered,, after.. I had spent hours on the internet not getting any where.
I really believe in supporting what craftsmen that are left in this country, that still make Quality products. Sure, you will pay a little more but the money is going to keep that craftmen/women going, keeps jobs in the USA and shows pride in what folks can make and design in America.
The top two pictures shows both the mixing bowls and the wooden spoon holder. I bought two sets of different types of mixing bowls, one big bowl and the holder. When you run your hands over the bowls you can tell that they are handmade... very well made in fact.

The Stamp of Pride as I call it, on the bottom of one of the big mixing bowls.

I also bought some Muffin pans. I have some metal ones made in China. :( ... Also have an allergy to metal now, for both those reasons I decided to replace them.

The Stoneware MP's are very high quality, just like the bowls.

It is very nice to have the option for buying goods in the USA that you know are safe to use and very high quality.

If you are interested in looking at Bennington Potters, please check out this link..