Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Grand day out~

Being that it is another beautiful day, even with the clouds hanging about, I decided to take Maggie for a walk. She is sporting her new bitting rig.. needs a bit of fine tuning but it should do. Took a walk down the road to the corner where our property line is... very long walk for me but I think Maggie would of loved a longer walk. Could see her looking at me from the corner of her eye as she is want to do, as if to say... "why didn't we bring my cart? Then we could go farther and even trot!!". I told her, maybe tomorrow.
Needed to have Maggie help me back up the road to the house but she doesn't seem to mind. Just grab a bit of her mane and she pulls me along.
Above are some pictures of our mini adventure. Heading out.. then resting when we arrived back home.
DS took the photos.