Friday, November 7, 2008

Kitchen Hutch, Book and This and That

We were in bad need of more storage, for kitchen gadgets. Do not have a big house and the storage here is 1/2 what it was at the old place, even though the houses are the same size. Looked into possibly redoing the kitchen but decided that would cost way too much, even if we could do it ourselves. Have been eyeing this "Amish dry kitchen hutch" for awhile now and decided this would work just as well as a new kitchen, cost a whole lot less and it was on sale. Is nicely made American made Amish furniture and works just like I need it too. Now I have a place for my bread machine, food saver, handmade mixing bowls and my baking items. It also has a pull out butcher board, which will come in handy when I am cooking or putting up Veggies from the garden,as I normally do not have enough counter space to lay out the veggies to dry. Will also double as a writing desk when I do the bills.
For the first time since the accident I felt like I would be able to re arrange the living room...with a bit of help from the Men of the house of course. A good cleaning was an added bonus. I decided to move the TV hutch to the corner near the fireplace, moved DH old chair and so on. Can't tell you how nice it is to be able to finally, get at least part of our house, in order again.

DH hasn't had the time to add some short stories lately. He has been working long hours and little enough time for chores. Maybe as winter progresses...we can get him to write a story or two. But other than him being busy, he is doing well.

Everyone in the family loves to read.
Lately I decided to expand out to authors who's' I have never read before. My latest, is this really big Sci-Fi book from Peter Hamilton. Am about half way through and I have to say, this is really well written. Would recommend this one to anyone interested in Sci-Fi/Space sagas.