Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bennington Potters in VT

I was in need of new mixing bowls,,along with a number of other things that have worn out..of course all at the same time.
But for today I would like to tell you about these mixing bowls.
Being tired of cheap quality chineses made products, that last maybe a year if you are lucky, I went in search for high Quality bowls made in the USA by folks that are born and live in this Country. I remembered Bennington Potters in VT from when we lived in NH. Of course, I remembered,, after.. I had spent hours on the internet not getting any where.
I really believe in supporting what craftsmen that are left in this country, that still make Quality products. Sure, you will pay a little more but the money is going to keep that craftmen/women going, keeps jobs in the USA and shows pride in what folks can make and design in America.
The top two pictures shows both the mixing bowls and the wooden spoon holder. I bought two sets of different types of mixing bowls, one big bowl and the holder. When you run your hands over the bowls you can tell that they are handmade... very well made in fact.

The Stamp of Pride as I call it, on the bottom of one of the big mixing bowls.

I also bought some Muffin pans. I have some metal ones made in China. :( ... Also have an allergy to metal now, for both those reasons I decided to replace them.

The Stoneware MP's are very high quality, just like the bowls.

It is very nice to have the option for buying goods in the USA that you know are safe to use and very high quality.

If you are interested in looking at Bennington Potters, please check out this link..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Driving Miss Maggie~

Me, with a silly grin on my face.
Yesterday I rode Dyfra out bareback two times around the mini path DH made for me in the hay fields.
Today.. I decided to drive Miss Maggie. Something I haven't done in awhile. The new traces came in but they sadly, still aren't short enough but that is a story for another time.
Warming up around the house, walking, backing, bit of trotting and turning on a dime.

Asking Maggie to trot up.. note the fuzzy winter coat.

Heading to the front gate.

Only drove down to the neighbors driveway but that was a good start for this cart ride. If I had thought about it..should of given the camera to DS, so he could take better pictures of us trotting out. Ah well... maybe next time.

Sure was a beautiful day to be out.

When we arrived back home, unhitched Maggie,, had DS brush her down well and put her back in with the others. I decided to sit out and put some wax on my cart. Know I am healing a bit more now, because this is the most I have been able to do in one day. Another sign, is my shoulders and arms do not hurt nearly as much as they did before when I go for a cart drive. Whoo hoo!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Steeple Chasing ~

Here you can see DS playing with our newest family addition, Mia. She has almost doubled in size.

Steeple chasing kitten style.

Art Donation for the local Animal Shelter

"The Scholar", print came in yesterday. This is the one I am giving to the local animal shelter for their Annual Raffle/Auction. Brought it over to the shelter when it opened this morning. Am crossing my fingers on this one, that it will bring in a goodly amount of funs for the shelter.
The painting is of Nari, who we brought home from that same shelter.
If you are interested in going to this function or helping, check out... "Wizard of Paws"

Friday, October 24, 2008

Compassion, Courage and Friendship

This posting was for one boards I am on but I decided to post it here too, musings as it is.

While all this political up heavel was and is happening, tempers flaring, words being said, the hate and aggression, on a couple of Forums I am on and I am sure else where. ..........

This is what I was and am part of, am humbled by.

I will not be part of the hate that is going on but I want .......
To help, to offer Compassion, Kindness and Hope, where there seems to be so little these days.

I am donating my Art to causes that need help, I have to buy my own Art to give. Including the one for Chances Miniature horse Rescue, it should bring more than it is. The lack of bids has me shamed, as it is the only piece not getting bids. The only place my Art has not helped.

I have been giving food to the shelters, to the local Elders and help when and where I can even though I physically find it hard. I will not let my inability to walk far or well stop me.
Donating funds for family Housing, for the familys with a loved one with Cancer. So they can be near their child, spouce, sister/brother or other family member during treatment.

My husband only has a contract job and we should be saving every penny but instead I am helping how and where I can.

So what are "You" doing that is positive? What hope and kindness have you done lately?

Want a good gift, showing hope, courage and kindness...
(I recieve no dividens for this book)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Grand day out~

Being that it is another beautiful day, even with the clouds hanging about, I decided to take Maggie for a walk. She is sporting her new bitting rig.. needs a bit of fine tuning but it should do. Took a walk down the road to the corner where our property line is... very long walk for me but I think Maggie would of loved a longer walk. Could see her looking at me from the corner of her eye as she is want to do, as if to say... "why didn't we bring my cart? Then we could go farther and even trot!!". I told her, maybe tomorrow.
Needed to have Maggie help me back up the road to the house but she doesn't seem to mind. Just grab a bit of her mane and she pulls me along.
Above are some pictures of our mini adventure. Heading out.. then resting when we arrived back home.
DS took the photos.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beautiful Fall day

What a beautiful Autumn day! Is one of my slow days, so I decided to just sit down and watch the animals eat and the wild birds flit around. Bright blue sky, a slight breeze, around 50*...just perfect.

This video short is from my very old ditgal camera and I think it is finally showing its age. But it gives you an idea of one of my wonderful views.

Monday, October 20, 2008

This and That ~

I was asked what kind of snow do we get up here. Well... we have gotten up to 3' of snow at one time, though most are snow storms dump around 1' to 2' and can last up too a couple of weeks at a time. Then we kind have it melt, for the most part. Get this kind of snow and super hard frozen ground and 100+gallon water tanks that freeze solid for about 3 months. Rest of the winter that happens off and on.

A number of years ago I decided I wanted a custom Checker I made it myself.
Have also made Drop spindles in the past. These ones were waiting for their hooks.

As you can see... with the weather up is easy to stay busy with Crafts and Art.

First frost and wee Rose gaden

Slight frost the other morning with a bit of fog. No change in tree color quite yet. At most, we get yellowish brown leaves.
My small Rose garden to be...there are a couple of nice sized Rose plants but most are tiny heritage Rose starts. Should be more hardy in this area than the standard Tea Roses.
In a few years it will be quite beautiful!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Magic of Miniature Horses!

This is Maggie, she is an AMHA/AMHR Miniature mare. I have had her a long time and trained her to do scaled down draft work, to cart and many other things. A wonderfull all around wee horse.
She is 33 1/2" tall... a Dark liver chestnut in color, when she is not sun faded.
Here she is sporting her Sawbuck and Pannier. She is very helpful when I do things around the Farm. And will get upset if she is not allowed to help in some way.
Maggie in Cart. She is pulling a "Country Road Cart", and wearing her Zilco harness. She really loves having jobs to do..can see her just about glow with pride.
Here Maggie is giving my niece her first ride in a Miniature horse cart.... think they both enjoyed it.
Miniature horses are such a joy to have around.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chances Miniature Horse Rescue Fund Raiser

Photo is of my miniature Maggie,, who is very lucky to have a good home with my family but there are many out there that are not so lucky.

I do not normally post these kinds of things but I feel it is important to help this wonderful group Raise money, so they can continue to help, Miniature horses in need.
Here is the Link to their Auction.... please go look and hopefully bid!

If you would like to learn more about Chances Miniature horse rescue... here is their site.

Friday, October 10, 2008

More Cat going on~s.....

Mia... in the Twilight zone... DS captured all these candid Cat shots.
Nari, on the back of DH's Chair
Remember the kitten pictures of Nari in this trash can? Well, she has never gotten over this fetish and I have stopped trying to keep her from doing it. So this is how an Adult Nari looks canned.
Sadie is saying.... "waaaa... get her off, get her off.. I don't want to share,, she is too big"!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cats enjoying life~

A New fun toy for the Cats of the house, a giant bed!
Great place to hide, bounce around, be stealthy when needed and of course those rare naps.

Mia, giving me one of those sleepy looks. As I disturbed her nap, when trying to take photographs. This look could also be perceived as....

"Sigh".... humans.. can't live with them, can't live with out them... what is a cat to do?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Christmas is just right around the corner!

This is a shameless plug for my online shops.
If you are Holiday or Christmas shopping, need Christmas cards or gifts, please check out my line of products with the links below.

Cafe Press~


If you want really high end prints I recommend my Image Kind shop .. They also offer nice Matts and Frames. Like the two shops above they are here in the USA.

Red Bubble.. It is an overseas online shop and would be more for folks on the other side of the pond.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Rain is here!

Fall is finally here and the rain has come but with it arrives the beautiful Rainbows!
We really need the rain and plants love it.
Still have some tomatoes on the vine, not quite ripe and will need to bring them in today, to sit on the window sill. Other wise they will just rot.
Time to get the potted house plants I keep out during the summer, clean them up and bring them in.
Just so much to do before the first frost but the cooler weather is welcome.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Want to play?

American Made Measuring Cup Test

This is the new set of measuring cups and spoons. Took me a little longer to do this than planned. The Test was," does the cups and spoons measure out true"? Had to make bread this morning so here is what I found.
You can see the flour in the very old measuring cup. One that was made back before everything came from China.
Here is the same flour, moved over to the new Measuring cup. Was a bit tricky to get all the flour in the cup but I managed it. I leveled it off and it did measure true.
Below is another angle so you can see.
So I highly recommend these folks if you want good American Made measuring cups and spoons.
You can see with the spoon handles below that they are signed by the Artist, dated with the year and tells you what wood they used.

Start of Fall

Now I have to admit that Pacific NW doesn't have the beautiful Autumn colors that NE has but this isn't to shabby.
This is a local school over on the other side of the Columbia River. Nice old school that has a lot of character, beautiful grounds and trees.
An Old Oak tree..... DH and I really like this tree. Do not see them this large or old now a days.