Sunday, January 18, 2009

This Weekend ~

After that lovely... almost month long winter storm with all that snow damage done to the trees, it is time to clean up the aftermath. DH with our small chain saw.

This is only one of the many trees down around the farm. This whole weekend was spent trying to get as much of this tree cut up and cleared. It will take us at least a couple of weekends to get this one dealt with. Numerous others still clean up.
DS splitting the rounds into usable firewood sized pieces. Is the only tree on the place like it, would say it is a medium hard wood. Very, very nice wood with a straight grain. Normally I know my tree species, almost say it is a Willow cultivar...but I am going to have to look this one up.

The mess of downed limbs.

Trunk area near the root ball. Multi trunk and it is hard to show just how large it is.
Keep hinting to DH that some of this wood is just too nice to make only fire wood out of it. VBG
At least it was a beautiful day out today. Bright skys and it made it to 50*!