Thursday, February 12, 2009

DH and I went for a short walk yesterday

This is the sunrise we had the other morning. The photo is untouched and looks exactly as the light was that morning.
Stunning to say the least. Yes.. we have snow again...and more to come. . .
Normally I take one of the horses or donkey with DH & I when we go for a short walk on the country road. This day however I already let the horses out in the main pasture, so we went on our own. Needless to say the horses weren't impress being left behind... so they had to gallop over to say Hi!

Took some different views of the Farm. Hay fields toward the night pasture and house.

DH ditch he dug to keep the swampy area drained, looking out to our small woodlands to the right.

It was an incredible day for taking photos.. the sky was brilliant blue, just enough clouds to make it interesting. This is the hay field looking towards the point and our woodlands on both sides.