Saturday, February 7, 2009

No added salt Split pea soup

Here is the Split Pea soup ready to be cooked.

This is another all day meal, taking 5 to 8 hours depending on wither your water is hard or soft.
I start with "PA Hudson River Valley Split Pea Soup Mix ".
I change what goes in this soup a little to suit my dietary needs.
Add these things to the basic mix~

1 -1/2 cups of finely copped Organically grown sweet carrots

3/4 cup of finely copped Celery

2 very fresh right off the plant Sage Leaves

I don't use Bay leaves because I dislike the flavor. Also do not add salt or any Ham. Tastes just fine without the ham or added salt in the soup.

Clean peas, then place in thick walled stock pot or slow cooker.
Put the Veggies on top, then the herbs that come with this mix but putting 2 tablespoons of the herb mix off to the side. Then I put in my Sage leaves.
Very carefully pour in salt free water, making sure not to disturb the layers. Cook on low heat and you can stir after a couple of hours.
About 1 hour before the soup is ready, put the 2 Tablespoons of herb mix you set to the side earlier, into the soup.
Cook 5 to 8 hours until done.

Flavor is out standing and this Pea Soups does very well served in a Bread bowl. Wishing now, I too photos of that.

While the He-Men of the house was out working in the Woods, I started another batch of Chili this morning. This time I am measuring out the ingredients so I can post it here. Normally I don't measure a thing because I am so used to making this.
Should be able to post the Chili recipe soon.