Saturday, February 28, 2009

Products Made in America

I have been slowly collecting a list of American made products with stock that comes from the USA/Canada too. I like to buy excellent quality that will last a life time, buying from a small family or very small company and of course, would prefer to buy American Made. If you supply or offer product(s) that are Made in American with resources found in America, please contact me and I will be happy to add you to the list.

Swallow Lane Farm~
These folks have been around a long time. Even bought Jacob ewes from them awhile back. Not only do they raise their own sheep in WA, they also make their own yarn to make into blankets, Very nice blankets.

Fiber Mill~
I used these folks for a number of years while I was raising sheep, to clean and make my sheep's wool into Roving, that way I could just get on with the job of spinning. They also sell yarn from their own sheep.

Looking for a beautiful woven Bedspread......

Storage and baskets~
Need to store things,, check out these stylish baskets.

This one is from my old stompping grounds. Went to see their place when I lived in NH. Very nice quality.

Seems like if one thing in the house dies...they all do. So during my search for a round laundry basket made in the usa.. I ran across this web site... in WA no less.
Dunbar Gardens~ Makes all kinds of usefull baskets.

Cookie sheets and baking pans
Made in the USA...

American Made clothes....
The Men of the house have a couple of American made Carhartt Jackets and pants...and all I can say is...they are well made and hold up very well!

Flash lights

Soap and Shampoo
Janson's soap and shampoos are made in the USA. I use both. Jasons makes the only shampoo my body doesn't react too. Dr. Bronner's soap is made in USA.

These folks make a nice Lobster boat, along with other models.

Here is a good write up on how to buy good quality tools.

Made in the USA

Have one tool from these folks.. is made in the USA but not sure where they get their stock from.

If you would like some furniture that is American made, every part made out of real wood, grown in the US, family made.. look no farther than..
I have 4 of their pieces of large furniture and can say with great confidence that the quality and workmanship is out standing. Have had them for 8 years now..if I remember correctly. Just bought the Pine as that is what we could afford.

Food gift baskets with everything made in Oregon.