Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine Day ~ to the coast we went~

With the BDay money Mom sent, Thanks Mom & Dad!, DH and I decided to take a drive to the SW coast of WA and look at a light house. The one above is the first one we went too. Sky was a combo of sun and clouds but no rain at that point. Snapped a few nice photos and then the rain started.
So we had a very nice picnic.. in the Van, while it was pouring rain out. But that is the Coastal NW for you.
Second Light house and the one still in use by the Coast Guard was only about 20 mintues away from the first one. By then the weather was getting a little more interesting but I managed to get some more photos.

DH loves the Ocean and hearing the power of the waves against the shore. Took this picture with the second Light House behind him. Then the skys opened up, so I could not get a photo of DS and I.

Even at low tide, you can see the power of the surf against the rocks.

Shafts of bright light cutting through the dark clouds, if you look closely you can see the rain. Pretty impressive day.

On the way home we saw a very large herd of Elk. Bulls were on one side and the Cows on the other. Makes me wish I had a better camera and telephoto lense.
It was a great day out and very nice to have a break!