Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Suit, the snow Cat and a Cats help~

Oh Believe me,, the Cats were no where near DH with the Suit on. Take a good look because this is an extremely rare sighting,, my DH in a Suit!
Nari hunting in the snow. With the type of fur she has, she is well suited to the snow.

Mia helping DS getting things ready for a burn day, as we burn all paper products.
Above you can see her telling DS where to put the bits of paper.

Here Mia is telling him to put the papers closer to her, so she can play. Was really funny for awhile, as soon as DS would throw a balled up paper in the pile, Mia would jump in and take said balled piece of paper else where to be played with.
Needless to say DS had some exercise retrieving said paper play toys. LOL