Wednesday, April 29, 2009

News Flash!! The Mystery of the Sock Gremlin or??

For Centuries people have been loosing socks. Millions of people wash all their socks and some always disappear like Magic!
Now.......for the first time, a rare Video shows what has been happening to those missing socks and you all thought it was Sock Gremlins.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tulips, Stjarna and this and that...

DS and Nari....our outside mouser. She has a special house to live in at night so nothing will get her. She is really happy being able to chase rodents all day long.

Had the Vet out to Xray Stjarna's hooves, used the money I had set aside for the animals.

Some of Robert's beautiful Tulips are blooming. Makes the farm look even more pretty.

Decided to take a photo of my Artist desk looking out. Can see the duck painting I am working on at present.

Managed to get the Strawberry plants in the Strawberry pot, got the Brussel sprouts and Basil starts into the garden. Both DH and I have been doing some kitchen garden weeding.

Finding out something is eating my pea plants!! grumble..grumble... Also need to spray soap and oil on the few that are coming up. Beans are just starting to the garden is not doing bad for this early in the season. Will post photos soon.

DH has been weeding around all the plants and trees, makes those areas look a lot better.

Hay fields are growing well.... the place is a lush green everywhere.. I love spring.

Weather has been surprisingly cool out...rain showers here and there... guess that is why everything is so green. ;O)

We have all been keeping busy.

DH has an interview this Tuesday so please wish us luck.

I have been working on my latest painting and on the second Bobbin of Coopworth..hopefully will be able to ply it into yarn, by the end of next week. Wish there was some way to up my sales of Art but one needs to advertise and is sadly not something I can do right now.

DS has been keeping busy with Farm chores and playing with his cats.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beautiful Day.....

The morning started early... still a bit cool but no clouds in the bugs either which was very nice.
Got Stjarna's special fed mixed up into a mash, measured out her SafeChoice pellets. Went out and fed her.
Once she was done haltered her up.. tied her to the plum tree she likes and proceeded to spray her all over for lice, working it in down to her skin. Could hear the jealous Neighs and Brays from the next pasture over.
She loved the grooming and all the attention... I decided 1 hour straight grooming was enough for the morning.
Went to go get her grass hay.... keeping enough fed in front of her should keep her weight where it needs to be.
Then DS and I proceed with the other morning chores.... like feeding the other equines on the farm.
Came in for breakfast.. DS made some wonderful pancakes.
After breakfast I went out to the kitchen garden for a bit of weeding and planting out some more onion starts. While I was doing that DH was cleaning up and leveling around the Septic tank lid. Will make it easier for him to mow the grass... a lot of hard work but he does enjoy it. Sorry no pictures of DH working........this time. ;O)
DS helped groomed the horses and I decided to ride Dyfra bareback today. Just a short ride but it really helps my back. Can see in the photo above.
So our days have been pretty much like that. DH is getting a lot of the chores done that have been piling up... DS helping him.
Me... I do what I am able to in the garden, paint and spin yarn.

Monday, April 20, 2009

New Icelandic

Introducing Stjarna, an 17 year old in foal Icelandic mare. No money changed hands and I am happy to give her a good home. Feed for horses does not cost us anything, as we hay our own place.

She has a few health issues I have to attend too, which I am addressing.

Also due to foal fairly soon..within the end of this month or the next.

But I Thank Lisa very much for letting her come home with me. I know how hard it was for her.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Food for the G*ds..... ah.. Cats ~

Looking for good quailty cat food.... check out this info.

My cats love the Natural Balance Ultra, Natural Balance Tuna and Shrimp, they also love Newmans Own organic canned cat food.
It is important for cats to eat mostly meat and no grain. Less likely to have your cat throw up and have other issues.
I tried giving them Evanger's organic chicken because it has rated well....and lets just say if their nasty looks and food left in their bowls are any thing to go by.....

Along with the morning half can of the best quality cat food on the market, fed in bone china bowls...(ya I know.. their spoiled.)....
They also get some dry food through out the day.
I use three kinds... I really think it helps keep them from getting too finicky.
I recommend these for the high meat content and quality and my Cats love these dry foods.
Innova EVO, Wellness Core and Newmans Own.
Good food keeps them happy and healthy!

Trees, a wee tree frog and Flowers~

This is the Leland Cyprus we planted the first couple of months of moving in a number of years ago. They used to be 6" tall, now they are nearly 3'. As they grow, they will help keep the road dust from coming near the house.

Photo DH took yesterday. The front drive showing off his Daffodils. He likes to plant them because they remind him of his Grandmother.

While walking in our woods the other day, I ran across this cute little tree frog and just had to take a photo.

The Daffodils DH planted along the drive. Their heads looking down from all the rain.

One of the little flowers that came with the Farm. Bright and Cheerful.

8' tall Blackberry bushes ~ Be Gone!

With DH having so much time on his hands and because the heavy winter snows flattened down the once 8" tall blackberry Vines..... this gave DH the opportunity to see the lay of the land so he could safely mow BV's without falling down a cliff or drop off in the tractor.
In the above photo you can see DH off to the right. This is on a slight hill and you can see how much he mowed.
Same area continuing down the hill.

This area is at the back of the property out to the point. Did a lot of clearing here too. It is back here.. someday I hope to have a little 12' by 12' Artist shed, with good lighting via sunlights and a little porch off the front.

If you look closely you can see the stream down at the bottom.

I tried to get photos of the shear 50' drop off but because of all the bramble and tangle wood, it is really hard to show just how steep it is. Best seen in person.
If we did not have those heavy snows last winter...we would of never know this was on the Farm. Is impressive.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sold the Van

Just got back from town... sold the Van to a nice couple. Sad because it was a very, very nice car but it needed to be done. Hope they enjoy it as much as I did.
Once DH fines a new job will look into getting a truck again...either a Automatic Tacoma or Tundra, would make more sense since we live on a Farm.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This and That ~ Hummers, garden, Jelly roll and ...

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the Blog... been staying very busy, with the Farm, my Yarn and Art.
DH captured this shot of DS and Nari.. .. our outside Mouser. Nari is really enjoying the outside, being able to hunt when she wants and having DS all to herself.

The Holly hedge that will someday hide that part of the fence. The metal fence was here when we moved in.

We kept two large hens so we could have fresh eggs.

How the Kitchen garden is shaping up. Think we are past having any frost.... I hope anyway... LOL

Lets see... yesterday I planted Bush and pole beans including one called Chinese Red noodle... Kubosha squash, small sugar pumpkins, cucumbers, Zucs, miniature cantaloupe(spell?)..sure I am forgetting something. Kind'a of pushing it but will see what happens.My seed potatoes should be here by mid next week.Already have in Peas, carrots, spinach, lettuce, Cauliflower and Brocs. All of the cool crops are starting out very well.This year I ordered bell pepper and Tomato plants but they will not arrive until the end of April.

We are back to having rustic Bean poles. Using Hog panels for the Peas.

Can see just to the left... we put a pot in the ground, in which we planted the the hopes the Gopher won't eat this one.

Spring has finally sprung up here in the Hills. The Daffodils bloomed for the first time yesterday.

Hummers are finally getting used to me being close enough to attempt some photos. Here are a couple I have so far.

DH is still in the running for Grumman's in Sacramento, there is also another job in Flagstaff AZ and so on, but none of the employers seem to want to move quickly to pick their final candidate. So we sit, wait until they make up their minds and DH still looks for and applies for jobs everyday. We are just hoping we do not have to move,,, not something either of us are looking forward too.

DH tried his hand at making a canberry no salt added Jelly Roll....and lets just say it came out really, really well!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Toyota Van and DH Motorcycle are for sale..

We both agree it is more important to keep the land and house. Before things get to bad... we are going to try to sell both my Van and his Motorcycle.

Please let all your friends and Family know we have these two things for sale. Both are in Excellent condition and Very low mileage.

My 2007 Toyota Sienna Van is loaded. It is an XLE with package number 4, 17" tires, Tan heated leather seats.. just so many extras it would take a full page of the Blog to tell you all of it. Can scan the window sticker I kept which has all the info on the Van, just ask. Asking $24,805. It is high Kelly Blue book value but this Van is in outstanding condition and well worth it Can ssee more info here

"2005 Yamaha FZ6 ST(C)" original high 40's owner. 22K miles. Ohlins remote reservoir rear shock, and professionally modified fork. New front tire at time of suspension upgrades, all within the past 6 months. Regular maintenance by owner. $5700 OBO. No financing, no trades. Additional info on request."