Thursday, April 16, 2009

8' tall Blackberry bushes ~ Be Gone!

With DH having so much time on his hands and because the heavy winter snows flattened down the once 8" tall blackberry Vines..... this gave DH the opportunity to see the lay of the land so he could safely mow BV's without falling down a cliff or drop off in the tractor.
In the above photo you can see DH off to the right. This is on a slight hill and you can see how much he mowed.
Same area continuing down the hill.

This area is at the back of the property out to the point. Did a lot of clearing here too. It is back here.. someday I hope to have a little 12' by 12' Artist shed, with good lighting via sunlights and a little porch off the front.

If you look closely you can see the stream down at the bottom.

I tried to get photos of the shear 50' drop off but because of all the bramble and tangle wood, it is really hard to show just how steep it is. Best seen in person.
If we did not have those heavy snows last winter...we would of never know this was on the Farm. Is impressive.