Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beautiful Day.....

The morning started early... still a bit cool but no clouds in the bugs either which was very nice.
Got Stjarna's special fed mixed up into a mash, measured out her SafeChoice pellets. Went out and fed her.
Once she was done haltered her up.. tied her to the plum tree she likes and proceeded to spray her all over for lice, working it in down to her skin. Could hear the jealous Neighs and Brays from the next pasture over.
She loved the grooming and all the attention... I decided 1 hour straight grooming was enough for the morning.
Went to go get her grass hay.... keeping enough fed in front of her should keep her weight where it needs to be.
Then DS and I proceed with the other morning chores.... like feeding the other equines on the farm.
Came in for breakfast.. DS made some wonderful pancakes.
After breakfast I went out to the kitchen garden for a bit of weeding and planting out some more onion starts. While I was doing that DH was cleaning up and leveling around the Septic tank lid. Will make it easier for him to mow the grass... a lot of hard work but he does enjoy it. Sorry no pictures of DH working........this time. ;O)
DS helped groomed the horses and I decided to ride Dyfra bareback today. Just a short ride but it really helps my back. Can see in the photo above.
So our days have been pretty much like that. DH is getting a lot of the chores done that have been piling up... DS helping him.
Me... I do what I am able to in the garden, paint and spin yarn.