Thursday, April 16, 2009

Food for the G*ds..... ah.. Cats ~

Looking for good quailty cat food.... check out this info.

My cats love the Natural Balance Ultra, Natural Balance Tuna and Shrimp, they also love Newmans Own organic canned cat food.
It is important for cats to eat mostly meat and no grain. Less likely to have your cat throw up and have other issues.
I tried giving them Evanger's organic chicken because it has rated well....and lets just say if their nasty looks and food left in their bowls are any thing to go by.....

Along with the morning half can of the best quality cat food on the market, fed in bone china bowls...(ya I know.. their spoiled.)....
They also get some dry food through out the day.
I use three kinds... I really think it helps keep them from getting too finicky.
I recommend these for the high meat content and quality and my Cats love these dry foods.
Innova EVO, Wellness Core and Newmans Own.
Good food keeps them happy and healthy!