Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This and That ~ Hummers, garden, Jelly roll and ...

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the Blog... been staying very busy, with the Farm, my Yarn and Art.
DH captured this shot of DS and Nari.. .. our outside Mouser. Nari is really enjoying the outside, being able to hunt when she wants and having DS all to herself.

The Holly hedge that will someday hide that part of the fence. The metal fence was here when we moved in.

We kept two large hens so we could have fresh eggs.

How the Kitchen garden is shaping up. Think we are past having any frost.... I hope anyway... LOL

Lets see... yesterday I planted Bush and pole beans including one called Chinese Red noodle... Kubosha squash, small sugar pumpkins, cucumbers, Zucs, miniature cantaloupe(spell?)..sure I am forgetting something. Kind'a of pushing it but will see what happens.My seed potatoes should be here by mid next week.Already have in Peas, carrots, spinach, lettuce, Cauliflower and Brocs. All of the cool crops are starting out very well.This year I ordered bell pepper and Tomato plants but they will not arrive until the end of April.

We are back to having rustic Bean poles. Using Hog panels for the Peas.

Can see just to the left... we put a pot in the ground, in which we planted the the hopes the Gopher won't eat this one.

Spring has finally sprung up here in the Hills. The Daffodils bloomed for the first time yesterday.

Hummers are finally getting used to me being close enough to attempt some photos. Here are a couple I have so far.

DH is still in the running for Grumman's in Sacramento, there is also another job in Flagstaff AZ and so on, but none of the employers seem to want to move quickly to pick their final candidate. So we sit, wait until they make up their minds and DH still looks for and applies for jobs everyday. We are just hoping we do not have to move,,, not something either of us are looking forward too.

DH tried his hand at making a canberry no salt added Jelly Roll....and lets just say it came out really, really well!