Sunday, July 19, 2009

DS rides Dyfra !

Dyfra did a stunning thing today...just before our ride. I had DS get on her in the round pen, while she did keep her eyes glued to me, she did what he asked calmly with no wigging out! Woohoo...
Think part of why she did so well... is DS has been helping me feed Dyfra for 6 years. So she knows DS very well and all the years of work and training I have put into her. Now I wish I brought the camera out.

Reason I tried this, is my Niece is coming for a visit and wants a pony ride. Was going to use Stjarna but I am still battleing her Ringworm, so I don't want to use tack on her or have anyone else around her for awhile.
Think Dyfra will do fine in the Roundpen with me leading my niece around on her back.

After that, I had a wonderful ride out on Dyfra, checked out, the clean up bridle paths in the woods. DH did a wonderful job! Thank you Husband. :O)