Sunday, July 5, 2009

Few Garden Veggies and a walk in the Woods

DH and I took a walk in one of our woodlands while it was still cool out and I could take some photos. We heard all manner of birds and heard the great white Owl that lives in the woods. One these days we will take comfy chairs and wait for him to show himself to both of us.
Only time I see this Owl in person, is when I am riding Dyfra and he has been known to fly right over our heads.
I had to use the riding Lawn tractor to get to the woods, as my walky bits aren't to happy with what I have been doing lately. So DH brought it over to me once we were done with the short walk in the woods. Isn't he handsome. :O) A knight riding shinny green metal.

Some of the many brussel sprouts interlaced with Onions in the Kitchen Garden.

Close up of one of the Corn stocks. I am back to using "Sugar Dots" this year, as it is the only corn I have found to be reliable in this climate.
We have been eating the spinach, lettuce and peas from the garden. The onions are just about ready to be cured for long storage. We still have a long wait on everything else.
Sadly I won't have much to store over winter.
It has been a very hot week for this area, with the temps running in the high 80's to mid 90's. We love our air conditioning! Can't wait for a little cooler weather, now that the hay is in.
DH is still looking for a job, done a number of interviews but no luck so far.
Both he and DS are keeping busy with the farm chores. At least they are never bored. ;O)