Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Haying has started and more Edda and Stjarna photos

Very late last night the hay guy was working in the hay field. He did not get it all finished, so hopefully tonight.
Sadly, the amount of hay we are getting this year is at least 1/4 less than last year, there is a good chance we will not have enough to sell, so we can cover the costs.

Pasture needs to be sprayed for broad leaf weeds, limed and fertilized. We just don't have the equipment and money for the lime and weed killer right now. But it will need to be done if we want to keep baling our own hay.

Stjarna and Edda,, you can see how much better and more fleshed out Stjarna is now. She still has a mama mare belly but her top line and backside are looking great. Excuse the meds on her face.

Edda checking out a daisy.