Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Magical Ride ~ a very short story

Once upon a time, there was this dark hair lady with blue eyes that rode a horse of the ancient Vikings. They were on a quest to find something very rare. The Lady rode the grey mist (Dyfra means, Mist in Icelandic) of the forest along the meadows, searching.

The Lady rode deeper into the dark forest with no fear because she knew her trusty grey steed would keep her safe. She listened and watched with her Viking horse as she rode on, hoping to find what she was seeking.

They came out to the edge of the Forest of Dark and Light, hearing a slight tinkling of bells then both turned and looked.

There in the distance ,through the dark forest to the meadow heights, mist dancing in the background, was the rare creature they were looking for. For you see, it is only seen once in a life time, a Miniature Chestnut unicorn wearing a neckless of tiny bells and protected by the good Fairies of the Forest.
( I do wish I had taking the better camera out, this would of been a stunning shot.