Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shed end, new recipe for Hamburger buns and Dyfra goes zoom...

We need to end off the shed to help keep the snow drifts out this winter, so we are using what we have on hand. Lots of Alder trees and some fiberglass panels of unknown age found on the Farm.
DH and DS are busy putting up the support posts.

Finished end. They still need to frame the other side so we can make a "make shift" gate. Is ugly but should work well.
The other side will end up with a log fence and gate. Unless DH gets a job soon and if he does, then he wants me to go out to buy panels and a gate. LOL

While the men of the house were out working on the shed, I tried a new recipe of no salt Hamburger buns. They turned out quite well and are not as sweet as the other recipe.
Also raised the lower rack in the Oven so the bottoms would not get too brown.

OK... I just had to throw this in here.. had a nice ride out on Dyfra today. Zoom......