Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Latest Project ~ The main horse shed

We need to enclose the shed for this winter and with no money coming it, we decided to go rustic. We are using things already on the old Farm.
Alder trees won't last more than a couple of years but it should work until we can afford something a bit more permanent. It would of been better if we could of debarked the logs but we do not have a draw knife.
I will cap the T posts in the next couple of days.

Now all DH & DS need to do is make some kind of rustic gates for both ends. This way if I need to keep a horse in, I am able to now.

I would really like to insulate and put a vapor barrier on the ceiling of the shed but it will have to wait sadly. Reason it is needed, in this climate, the underside can weep and it makes the inside as wet as the outside, so the shed can't do what it is needed for and it helps keep the noise down, to which the horses aren't overly fond of the way it is now.

DH sat out with me today as I watered the plants on the porch and at first, I did not know he had brought the camera out. Here is one of the photos and I can be seen without a horse. LOL