Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sadie sleep, a pretty rainbow and the low down to what is going on ~

A few days ago we had a lot of rain and of course, pretty bright rainbows to go with it.

Can see the bright storm clouds in the background but there is a shaft of goldenish light on the tree the next hill over.

Sadie sleeping. It is impressive cats can sleep like that.

Not a whole lot of photos lately. Not much going on than,, DH spending 8 hours a day looking for and applying jobs, working on the farm and doing a lot of cooking. He is getting interviews but for every position there are 1,000 to 3,000 people applying. How scary is that?
A lot of his Engineering buddies are out of work too...another scary part.. they have phd's and masters. They haven't even had an interview yet. We are also finding out,, companies are passing older people by for what ever reason. Guess they don't want knowledgeable hard working older folks... rather hire a grad right out of college and still living at their parents, that "might" get some work done. Sigh ~~ And in Oregon... they are laying off teachers. DH was thinking about sub-ing but there is the same issue there as any where else.
There are no fair wage jobs in Oregon for middle aged workforce people. So we have been looking all over the world.
I have managed to keep us going for nearly 12 months now but I don't have any more rabbits to pull out of my hat.
If the Spokane job doesn't hire DH, we will have to put the house and wee farm up for sale next friday. We have a small but nice house and a very modest mortgage but we have no choice.
Draw back, around here there are a lot of places that are for sale, that have been for sale for a long, long while. And the amount of places for sale around here is mind boggling.

And people are dumping animals as nothing is selling. I refuse to do that to mine. Helps that there is plenty of free food for them.

Me... I have been working all kinds of hours with my Art and on my online stores. Making some sales, which is great. Enough to pay for my online stores, web sites, business licence and such. Just glad I am selling what I am and very Thankful for those that like my Art and buy it!!!
Still working at getting better too. My horses are a big part of that. But still have a long way to go. Using Dyfra as my Hippotherapy horse.

So... to end on a good note... here is a cute video my friend Thumper posted awhile back and I will share here.