Saturday, March 20, 2010

Apple pie, Icelandic horses, missing ducks and cat

Well, the nice news first. Here is another one of DH's yummy pies, made totally by scratch.

Mia wanting a hug while I was working on getting her finished painting ready to put up on my online shops. Does she look happy and smug or what?? LOL

Best friends, Nari enjoying a warm noon time on Dyfra's back.

DS helping groom out the Icelandic's before the farrier arrives, that way I could go get all the other horses and jenny.
You can see Nari helping out by sleeping on Dyfra. :O)

Not so good news, the 3 ducks went missing for about 24 hours and only one came back in the wee early hours the next morning. We have not been able to find the other two and ducks are not known for being quiet. They were going under the gates in the horse's pastures so we put what we call "sweeps" on the bottom of the gates, so they would not go under them any more. But we did not get one put under the gate going to the road. Pretty sure that is how they got out?? So we are down to one lonely duck but she seems happy to stay close to the hen house now.

Then yesterday, Nari was happily helping us with chores and about 2pm I had to go in and give my back a break. I don't remember seeing her helping us feed the horses, was tired yesterday, so my mind was fuzzy. Well, DS couldn't find her that evening to put her in her giant Kennel for the night. She stays in there so the night predators don't get her. She has been gone all night and have not seen hide nor hair of her since. DS is upset and all of us are getting worried.

About when Nari disappeared, was about the same time the ducks did too. Not sure what is going on, once.. ok but twice is strange.

Other than that, DH is helping the neighbor out with putting up sheet rock.
I have planted some pea seeds and starts, some potatoes, Yukon gold and blues, Walla walla onion starts, so far. Have a few Brussels sprout starts to put out still and DH has a tiny rhubarb start that we need to find a place to plant it.
DS has been helping with the Farm chores.

Oh and DH passed the NARTE test! I just hope it helps him to get a job. He is still sending in lots of keyed resumes, has had a couple of interviews but no luck so far. We are trying to stay hopeful.

ADDED: Found Nari. I took Dyfra out for a ride to both see if the Trilliums were starting to bloom and if I could find Nari. Dyfra misses nothing. The flowers are just starting to bloom but I did not find Nari. Came back in and while sitting on Dyfra by the house.. I heard a "meow".... Mewwwwwwww... echoing faintly off the hills on the forest land next to us. Dyfra refused to stop looking in that direction. Then I yelled,, NARI !!! and I got some answering faint Meows back.
I got off Dyfra and told DS about the direction the meows were coming from via the direction of Dyfra's ears (as I said,she misses nothing) and I had a sneaky feeling she was up a tree. Sure enough.. DS found her in the forest land up an Alder tree. He said it was quite and adventure to climb up the tree to get her , climb back down with a squirming Nari, who used his face as a jump off point once near the ground, pick her up again and then crawl back through the blackberries and barbed wire fence with his cat in his arms. But she is now safe and sound and home.
She slept nearly 24 hours in her Kennel/House and seems to be happy to stay home now.

Its a dangerous world out there.