Thursday, March 4, 2010

DS, DH, Nari and what's up

My 20 year old son, wearing his father's Navy Jacket from around 1980 time frame. Patches you can't see are the Shell Back and a CVN-65.

Nari's favorite perch. DS's shoulders,,, lol.. no parrots needed here.

Second is riding on Dfyra's back or helping DS bring hay in on the little wagon while Nari sits on top of the hay.

Though about noon time, DH says Nari's on the shed roof poking her head out of the tarp we have up there. I went over to look and she popped back down,, then.. she popped her head right through again. Just like a gopher in a hole. Sigh... I guess we have a new hole to deal with.
Nari was nice enough, in a Cat's fashion. to let us know that there was an issue that needed tending too.

DH took the NARTE test last Monday, thinks he passed but we won't know for sure until the 10 days are up. We are hoping this will help DH with his job search.
Still looking for a job of course, just had another interview. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed.

Because DH sold the Motorcycle, I can keep us going 3 months longer than I originally quantified out. So it gives us a little more breathing room, if nothing major happens.

DH has been keeping busy with Farm chores and making yummy Pies and Cakes from scratch.. totally from scratch. Tastes much better than anything you can get out of a box.
And of course looking for a job.

DH went over last night to help our only close neighbor's with a plumbing issue and again today to get some the rest of it dealt with. He will go back on Sat to help our good neighbor with the rest of it. Even though we did not expect or want anything, for DH's help. Our neighbor has made a point to pay DH. For this we are very Thank full. Every little bit helps. I need to figure out how to say, Thank you, in South Korean, as I think it is the polite thing to do.

DS has been keeping busy with the Farm chores, making his yummy brownies or cookies and his Art.

Me, I have been keeping busy with the horses, chores, online stores and Art. I need to make time to finish the Tabby Cat painting soon! Also helping friends when and where I can.

So we have all been staying very busy.