Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pies, Spring time

Took this photo this morning, had Ella out eating some grass while Stjarna ate her special feed.
Spring is trying to arrive early in the Coastal Hills of Oregon. The very old Cherry tree is starting to flower. This is the same Cherry tree they have at the Japanese Garden in Portland.

A little more of a close up of that old flowering cherry through the Fog. The daffodils are also just about ready to open.

Down in the Valley/low lands, everything is in full bloom. But we are usually a month behind them up in the Hills here.

Beautiful lighting this morning, with the sun streaming through the fog and the brown/red/orange catkin's brightening the trees up a bit. Of course this also means allergy season for DH and DS has arrived early.

DH has been busy making pies. Above is his Lemon meringue pie and Below is the handmade lattice top for his Apple pie. You can see how good DH is getting with his pies.