Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring, flowers, Hummingbirds and Nari

Humming birds are back, this little male was taking a break from trying to chase all the other ones off this feeder. This year we have two feeders, one at the back of the house the other at the front. They chase each other around and around the house....
Is so much fun watching them.

Nari, watching the Hummers while sunning herself on the old tractor. Can see the mane around her neck and her many, many toes. Pretty impressive.

Nari being cute rolling around on the hood of the tractor trying to get me to come over and itch her, needless to say, what you do not see,,is her rolling over and falling off.

Spring flowers are finally arriving and here is a Beautiful Carmelia bloom. Bright enough I can see at a distance without my Glasses. LOL

The Daffodils have arrived.

So have the Star Magnolia's.

Can see Dyfra and Stjarna framed by the very old Sakura flowering Cherry tree. It is always the first flowering tree on our place to bloom.

Another view and angle of the old Sakura tree.

We had some beautiful weather for about a week, mostly sunshine but we are back to the regular scheduled programing which calls for rain, rain, high winds, more rain.......
Oh and the mud, I hate mud and we can't afford the 1/4- gravel and shredded cedar mulch I used to use to make sure there wasn't any mud.

There was a very short day break in the weather last Sat and an good friend came over and we went for a short ride on the Farm. I should of been smart and had DS take some pictures but I forgot. Will have to next time.

DH finished his work at the neighbors, still actively looking for a job. Things are pretty much the same.