Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's Official !

DH has the paper work signed and has a job in Dahlgren Virginia. Yes!!

Right now I am looking at a rental place that will take both the horses and cats and should have photos of the place on Sat. Money will be very tight until the Farm in Oregon sells.
This seems to be the only chance we have for going over the same time DH does. So keep your fingers crossed this place is what we need and we can rent it!
If this all works out, it will be wonderful to be on the same coast as my DH.

Pretty sure we found Theia a wonderful home with a young couple. Still looking for the perfect home for Ella the donkey.
The three cats would come with us and will ship the three Icelandic's and Maggie over.

Keeping my fingers crossed the quotes from the movers will not be too high.

So basically., trying to get ready for the move.