Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day ride

After a yummy fresh strawberry Pancakes and scramble egg breakfast with homemade syrup that DH made.
DH and I went out for a walk this morning... ok well, he walked and Stjarna was my legs for me.
And husband brought the little camera with us, as you can see.
Goodness did she ever enjoy going out.

Stjarna is doing much better, but the two hooves she has, that are nearly half the size of normal, will take another year to grow out properly the farrier said.
She has little proper training and that will also take time. Hopefully within a year I will have her supple, have her brakes and steering working well and learn/understand
traditional dressage commands with my seat.
She makes me realize just how well I have Dyfra trained.

Enjoying lunch. This fly sheet was bought for Dyfra a couple of years ago and did not fit. So I packed it away. Remembered it today and dug it out, and it fits Stjarna! Whoot!
Dyfra has such wide shoulders and backside, only Weatherbetta sheets work for her.

We are still waiting with bated breath to wither DH has a job in VA or not. Is hard waiting. Hopefully by Monday evening we will know one way or another.

Hopefully the frost is over with finally and I can get my two tomato and one pepper plant in the ground finally.

Other than that, no a whole lot going on.

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!