Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Now they want to take our Modest Retirement pay away

...Along with our very modest medical and dental.

Please contact them, via the link below, tell Congress and the civilian oversight, they need to keep their promise to the hard working men and women who served their country faithfully.

Here is the letter I sent via email to the Congressmen.

Did your time for little pay, long hours, travel when and where the Gov tells you to, with little notice, signed away your rights as an American citizen but with a promise after 20 years of service to your country, you get a tiny monthly retirement pay and pay into a not so good Medical and Dental but it is better than having nothing.

Now you are thinking of doing an over haul and taking this away from Us? And funny how you don't see this on the news.

If you do this,,, it would effectively kill us. Is the only thing that has kept us barely afloat for so long. Only way we can have any kind of Medical or Dental.
My Husband is a hard worker and after spending 20 years in the Military, he has been trying to find a full time perm job but because he spent those 20 years in, that is a hard thing to do. No one offers us medical or dental that we can afford, when they offer it that is. Would come down to either a roof over our heads or living on the street with medical or dental.
Only thing DH has been offered is short term contract jobs, all because he spent his early years serving his country.

No good tax paying citizen that served their country, should have to go through that.

My DH did his time and I am sure many others did to The Government needs to keep their side of the bargain.
Doing what you propose, is going to hurt a lot of Military Retiree's that did their time because of the above promise.

I am the wife of a 20 year veteran, My Husband did his time with honor, I followed him when and where you told him to go because I loved him and was proud of what he was doing for his country.
What you do to my husband effects both of us.

Let them know hurting their Veteran is not Kosher on so many levels!