Sunday, September 5, 2010

Going to Pull the House off the Market, Sunrise and Edda Dyfra photos.

Early Sunrise the other morning, looking over Rainbow Hill.

DH and I have decided to pull the Farm off the Market. No one is willing to pay a fair price and since we owe the bank and do not want to destroy our excellent credit....
We will be keeping the farm and next year, mostly likely the first week of March, will put it back on the market and see how it goes.

Finding a Lease on the other end hasn't produced any results either. Mostly do to my health needing to live in a very quiet place, my lack of ability to go up and down flights of stairs easily and our limited budget.

Sunrise a couple of mornings ago.

Not the best photograph but you can see how tall Edda is getting. Dyfra is a solid 12.3 hands tall... think Edda is taller than that now.