Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lush Green pastures and working on fencing

Finally put up the last line of heavy duty hot wire. We have had a bear trying its darnest to get into the the horse pasture, over the camel backs.. even bent one of those 8' tall heavy duty T posts. Sigh ~~ So beefing up things even more. Have a predator rated charger too, so it has some bite to it.
If the Bear keeps being a problem, will have to call Fish and Game... that is if they will do anything about it. There is nothing to entice the Bear at all...other than the horses.

Beautiful slightly foggy morning yesterday. The sun did come up a little later. The weather has been perfect for doing things outside.

Can see how lush and green the miniature horse pasture, as we call it, is. And the main hay pasture is growing quite well now. Much better than last spring. Which means, the horse's haven't been able to run in that pasture during the day as the green grass is too rich.
Normally this time of year most everything is brown, but not this year.

Am going to have to put some horse's back in this pasture for a few days, so they can eat it down.

This is such a beautiful place!