Friday, November 5, 2010

An November Evening

Yesterday evening it was so nice, I thought I would stay out after feeding the horses their evening meal.
After being fed and well groomed, there is nothing better than a relax rolling in the Evening sunshine... LOL Stjarna is really enjoying it.

Next up we have wee Maggie... and her cute, adorable teddy bear like winter ears.
Think the will be the last time I will Roach her mane, as I won't be driving this winter. But she really doesn't seem to mind having no super thick Mane to lug around.

When I looked up into the sky from taking photos of the horses and foliage I see a Rainbow cloud. Of course I had to try to take a photo of it... camera wasn't happy about it, had a hard time trying to focus but it came out fairly well.

The Evening sun in Nov looking toward the night pasture, hay field and our woods beyond. This is such a beautiful place.

A little Fall color.

Everyone is doing well, staying busy to say the least. DH is enjoying his job, DS is trying to find work and practicing with his Longbow and me.. I am handspinning more yarn and working on my online shops.