Monday, May 31, 2010

Edda Photos and Video

These photos above the videos were taken today, 6 July 2010. Edda has slicked out to her summer coat and looking very nice!

I need to take a measurement of her again soon. But when the photos and videos below were taken.....
Edda is now 12 months old, 12.1 1/2 hands tall on level ground. Have had a hard time getting any photos her her because of all this rain.
Did get a break in the rain showers today to take a few videos and what I could of still photos. She is still shedding out her cotton ball looking winter coat and growing like a weed.

Can start to see her lower Charcoal colored legs, as she sheds out. She also has a lot of, light silver in her mane and tail but doesn't show up in the photos.

This is my usual type of photos of my horses, they have to see close up, what I am doing.LOL
Look at those long silver colored eye lashes!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Best way to watch Hummingbirds !

Nari being the bathing beauty, enjoying the day, watching the Hummingbirds come and go.

See if you can spot the Hummingbirds!

Yup, it is a good day to be a Cat!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Car, Mia on the Rug and what's up

A pretty photo DH took of the Rhodie starting to bloom.

The Rental I was hoping to get, isn't going to work. At First the owner said," they would rent it to us", I asked for photos and was ignored. In fact all questions were ignored, then I was told a few days later he decided not to rent the place. Like Ok...
About a week later I get an email back from the agent and she said he decided to go ahead and Rent the place.
Then said we couldn't use the Largest shed and Attic for storage because the owner wanted to use those areas to store his stuff. That we had to pay for a storage place. At the price of that rent, I told them that it would not work because we would be at our limit with the cost of that Rent.

Told them we would pass. Specially since the owner couldn't make up his mind.
Then I get an email back saying we can use that large red shed. That helps with the Barn/garage stuff but not the household items, that we would need to store. Both DH and I do not feel comfortable having the owners household items on the place, even if they put a clause in the lease, we are not responsible.

The very simple Questions I asked a number of times, for the most of it went unanswered. Lots of red flags to me.
If they were up front, did not change his mind about renting, then telling us we would not have storage in a house that has no garage or basement and not answering my very simple questions in a timely manner, that the owner wanted to keep his stuff there, among the other things. We might of went for this place but because of the unprofessional way they handled things, we will not.

We need the storage and I don't want the owner to change his mind again when the horses and household are half way across the country.

So still searching for a good rental place, or wait until we sell this place and just move then.

DH will be going to work either way. We did find him a very nice studio apartment in a nice area for a good price. The owner answered his questions quickly and she knows what she is doing. Makes a big difference.

Another photo DH took of Mia laying on the rug.. looks rather surreal. Sadie, our orange cat is going to really miss her person!

Since that rental place isn't going to work for us. I needed a car and we have ended up with a 2008 Honda Element. Its perfect for the wet clime and what I will use it for, and is easy to clean.

Theia did go to her new home with a very nice young couple. Still need to find a good home for Ella the donkey.

Been taking a lot of stuff to Good Will, boxing things up and just over all staying busy.

Weather has been more like winter, than spring/summer. Lots of rain, some sleet and hail, makes it hard to get anything outside done.

I have my first Cell phone, just a cheap little "pay as you go" phone but that will do.

OK I just had to have some fun playing with the Element photo.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's Official !

DH has the paper work signed and has a job in Dahlgren Virginia. Yes!!

Right now I am looking at a rental place that will take both the horses and cats and should have photos of the place on Sat. Money will be very tight until the Farm in Oregon sells.
This seems to be the only chance we have for going over the same time DH does. So keep your fingers crossed this place is what we need and we can rent it!
If this all works out, it will be wonderful to be on the same coast as my DH.

Pretty sure we found Theia a wonderful home with a young couple. Still looking for the perfect home for Ella the donkey.
The three cats would come with us and will ship the three Icelandic's and Maggie over.

Keeping my fingers crossed the quotes from the movers will not be too high.

So basically., trying to get ready for the move.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day ride

After a yummy fresh strawberry Pancakes and scramble egg breakfast with homemade syrup that DH made.
DH and I went out for a walk this morning... ok well, he walked and Stjarna was my legs for me.
And husband brought the little camera with us, as you can see.
Goodness did she ever enjoy going out.

Stjarna is doing much better, but the two hooves she has, that are nearly half the size of normal, will take another year to grow out properly the farrier said.
She has little proper training and that will also take time. Hopefully within a year I will have her supple, have her brakes and steering working well and learn/understand
traditional dressage commands with my seat.
She makes me realize just how well I have Dyfra trained.

Enjoying lunch. This fly sheet was bought for Dyfra a couple of years ago and did not fit. So I packed it away. Remembered it today and dug it out, and it fits Stjarna! Whoot!
Dyfra has such wide shoulders and backside, only Weatherbetta sheets work for her.

We are still waiting with bated breath to wither DH has a job in VA or not. Is hard waiting. Hopefully by Monday evening we will know one way or another.

Hopefully the frost is over with finally and I can get my two tomato and one pepper plant in the ground finally.

Other than that, no a whole lot going on.

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!