Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Tractor

John Deere had a good deal on Tractors and since we have a big need of one....

Had to take a photo with the new Hay Shed in the background.

Figured taking photos now, would be a good thing, because this is the cleanest you will ever see this Tractor. 

Plan on putting it to work after lunch!

DH, really wanted an enclose one, with air conditioning but the cost was just a bit more than we could handle. Would of been nice with the heat we have here but the canopy is a cheaper compromise. Will at least keep the sun off our heads.
Will also make the chores on our new Farm, a lot easier!

Hay Shed Arrived~

Hay Shed

I am very glad the hay shed has finally arrived. Want to Thank Bucky for doing the foundation and being there to make sure the shed was placed where I needed it.
Hay Shed is fairly close to where the horses are, so feeding shouldn't be a problem. 

 More than enough room to put a years worth of hay in, for 3 horse's and a sheep.

 Below you can see the Shed being placed on the blocks.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fencing during the Holiday~

During the 3 day Holiday, Christmas, Yule, what ever you want to call it,  the family did a lot of fencing.

We wanted to get as much done as possible, so the horse's and sheep can finally have a place to run and play.
Being in that round pen this long, is hard on them.

The gates are in, a 6' for use to walk through during feed and so on and a 12', so if I need to use the tractor we will be signing for, hopefully, sometime today,  it will be easy to do work in the pasture.

All that is left to do is build a housing for the Charger, get it plugged in, will be using an extension cord for awhile and get the grounding rods connected. 
As soon as we can do this, the horse's can go into their new home.

We are hoping before next Autumn, we can get power and water too the shed, so it will be much easier to do the chores.
But right now the funds are tapped out.

Slowly we are getting the place set up nicely for both the humans and animals. ;O)

Hallway with Grandmother's Art ~

Grammy is a wonderful Artist and I have a couple of original paintings and a couple of prints on Canvas.

So I decided to put her wonderful Art in the Hallway of our new place, for all to see.
I have one more piece to put up but the frame was damaged.
The blank space on the wall is where it will go.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Art on the Wall and a Beautiful Morning

Image Kind had a 40% off sale on and I wanted to check the quality of their prints, since I haven't done that in awhile.  Do miss the lush green of the old farm, so I love having this on the Wall. It is called, "Time Lost".  Fitting I think.
I also bought the panoramic of Mt St Helens I captured and that came out, very, very well. Will try to get a photo of it soon as DH has his stuff off the mantel. 

This morning I decided to play with my slowly dying camera. Its frustrating me no end and wish Santa would bring me another one, one that works very well, isn't broken and able to do what I want. But until that happens....

This is one of the photos I took, that I liked. The other is on my Art page if anyone wants to take a look. 

Family has been staying busy. Not sure what we are going to do over the Holidays. Most likely continuing to work on the new place.
But we will see. 

It is however, wonderful to have the family all together again!! VBG

Monday, December 19, 2011

Horse's Run in Shed has arrived!

 At long last, the horse's new home. Nothing fancy, just a double bay run in shed, with a wee tack room on the end. Here you see it on the trailer.

 Then tilting the trailer back aiming for the blocks. Who ever made the rule in this county, that we had to use block, has never lived on a Farm. Would of been better on a level gravel base.

Of course my heart was in my throat through this whole process.

A Nice Oak framed, Amish built, Board and Batten Run in Shed.

Hopefully we will be able to get the fence buttoned up this weekend and the horse's can finally have the run of their night pasture!

The Yule Tree

DH bought me Moonstruck Chocolate for Christmas! 

And I had to put it under our little Yule Tree.

 Just a table top sized one but we like it. Makes the house smell wonderful.

Well..... and with a big tree, we would most likely have cat's helping us with things in the tree and that would make the holidays a wee bit more interesting than we need.

So small is good!

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Since the run in shed is arriving this Monday, I decided we need to work on the fencing a bit. Nice to have another section finished and the brace for the larger of the two gates in.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finished the New Roof

The new roof was finished yesterday. Properly put on with a ridge Vent across. This will stop some of the things that were going on with the roof.
Can also see we have put a gravel path in, which will be dual purpose. One, to be able to use the front door and the second will be a path to the future hay shed.

Back part of the new roof and you can see the ridge vent better here.
Nice to know we will have a dry house during the winter.

The New Roof for the house we bought ~

Hated parting with the money for a new roof but as you can see, it needed to be done. Yes, that is indeed a hole in the roof... and mold.

This is what happens when people use a contractor, that doesn't care about the quality of his work, or even doing the work correctly.

Luckily, we found a good general contractor that takes pride in his work, to repair all the issues with the house. So if you need a good Contractor in Caroline County, VA, let me know. Will give you his contact information.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Roof, Horse pasture and a Muddy white horse

Wasn't at all happy when I found out we needed a new roof on the part of the house built in 2000.
The money we are having to put into that repair, should of bought, a scooter so I can get around places better, wood stove for the house and a manure vacuum. Sigh ~~
The roof repair is more important. And the family is together but will still grumble about it a bit.

Stone foundation for the wee board and batten hay shed.

Where the wee board and batten run in shed will be, hopefully sometime next week.
Was hoping for a small traditional barn but this is what we could afford. Maybe some day.

Other side of the night pasture. DH will finish this part once the run in shed is in place.

Yes, Dyfra can even find mud in VA, rather impressive.

Family is doing well.
Slowly getting things done, unpacking as I find room to put the stuff.
For such a big house, there is very little closet space and what there is didn't have any shelving or such. So DH and DS put some up.

The poor men of the house are going to have a "To Do" list, a mile long for a very long while! But at least they will never be bored. ;O)

Thanksgiving at Jamestown

With all the work moving across the country and this being the first Thanksgiving in two years since the family has been together, we decided to go the Jamestown.

Can see DH happy smile.

A couple of photos of DH and DS. Was nice to take a day to play.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Maggie's New Cart

Before the move to VA, I decided I had better sell Maggie's posh Country Road Cart for a couple of reasons. One, I did not have room on the truck for it and two, more than likely something would of happened to it.
The replacement is this, a Hyper Bike. I can no longer give pony rides with me but it is much lighter than her CRC.

This is her 2nd time in this cart and I have a lot more tweaking to do before I have the cart and harness where I want it.
Is a very stable, has a wide track and able to handle the type of driving I do, which is just on the trails.

She seems to enjoy it so far and for the first time ever, I am wearing my helmet while driving.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Working on my Art Studio room

The start of my Art Studio... table, good light.. fake Doug fir boughs....

Well, I love Doug Firs and since they don't grow in VA....

Slowly getting things unpacked and hope to start a new painting in the next

couple of weeks.

Nari in the Box

So this morning I decided to unpack one of the boxes of horse stuff. There were things piled on top of this box too, so I wasn't expecting to see a tail and when I opened the box more....

Some how Nari decided to crawl into the box under the stuff on the lid and creep her way into the closed box and was happily snuggled inside.
Rather invented way to find a nice place to hide.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Around the New place

Second Back door and where the future run in shed will be. Fencing is already going in. This time around we are doing cattle panels, little more heavy weight which I think we will need.

The Well, yup seriously and it is only 40' deep. Hopefully we will have water in the summer when needed.
Lots of Oak trees around the house.

Drive to the road and the front of the property. Hopefully will get that fenced by spring. Been a long time since I have had to live so close to other people.

Horse's housing until the run in shed comes in and the fence is finished.

Only out building on the place, nice large double garage. So there is outside storage for DH's things.