Friday, January 21, 2011

Mia's abscess

Last weekend, when my roof was leaking around the Vent for the fan above the oven and having to deal with that.

I saw that Mia had an Abscess at the right back corner of her jaw. Weird shape but being the weekend, trying to find a good Vet wasn't going to happen. She seemed to be doing ok.
On Monday morning after the morning chores, I had DS take Mia to the Vet, to be dropped off and checked out, while I waited at home for Karen to come fix my roof.
Was grateful Karen was able to fix the leak on the roof. Thank you Karen!
Of course is the day the farrier also decided to show up....
I picked up Mia later that day and would need to flush the abscess twice a day.
Busy day to say the least.

Three days later...
Back from the Vet, had a nice long talk with her. Basically Mia got bit, figured that.... those field mice are huge. She is not allowed outside but she does hunt in the garage. Glad I caught it as soon as I did.
The abscess was very deep and in and around the nerves around her neck, also pressing against her wind pipe and spine. Vet had never seen an abscess that bad, over 3oz of puss out of that tiny neck of hers. There is no way to go in and make sure all areas of puss is removed, not where the abscess was. Vet said considering how bad the abscess was, she is doing well.
So she has to keep her collar on until the pocket closes up and I need to keep flushing it twice a day until it does so. Might take awhile.
Of course I will worry until she is fully healed.
She will have to wear the collar until she is healed.

Sadie not overly happy with the way Mia smells and looks but doing pretty well considering.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

George Washington's Birthplace

Well, since this is the George Washington's birthplace blog entry, thought I would show the house again.
The Park Rangers were really nice, from taking a photo of us, to driving us around in a golf cart, which enabled me to see more of the place. Would like to give a big Thank you to them.

One of the Bedrooms... love the fireplace and wood work.

The formal dinning room. One of the only original pieces on the table is that little gold colored flask.

Inside of the kitchen... Nice fireplace for cooking food.

The Loom.
One thing I have always wanted to with the yarn I make, is weave blankets on a nice loom. Maybe some day.

Wood fencing looking towards the Monument.

Some nice little out buildings, top and bottom photos. The usual buildings, little stable, blacksmiths shop and so on.

Cute little piglet, from heritage breed of pig. I like the size of these animals, nice and small.
They also raise Tunis sheep but I did not get to see those, this time around.

Old Jamestowne

Figured I should get the rest of the vacation photos up on the Blog so family and friends could see.
Takes a number of hours to do this, but worth it.

This is Old Jamestowne. Luckily.. unlike Williamsburg, they let you use a very nice scooter for free. Without that, I would not of been able to check this place out.

DH decided to be cheeky by puffing his stomach I took the photo of him anyway and post it for all to see. LOL
One silly man he is!
Photo was taken in front of the Jamestown Monument.

A recreation of the original church, the people where Episcopalians.

An out line of the old Fort. What you do not see in this shot is that the other side of the Front and housing that was once here, ended up in the river when the banks were eroded away.

A recreation of one of timber frame buildings. This site is an on going archeological dig site, which I find really cool. One of those dream jobs.

Distance photo of the Church.

Old Jamestowne, was surrounded by marsh and water.

I just had to buy a little blue hand blow flower vase. If this house wasn't in the state of flux, I would of bought another piece. It is simple but beautiful and they were able to recreate the exact mix, to get glass of the past.
Hand made in America, a wonderful thing to have.

Sadly, I just did not have the energy to check out the recreated Jamestown with the ships and houses, looks like DH and I would love it. Another plus here, they do have scooters.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mia and the Candy

This is not a photo of that day... or what she was doing but I wanted to put a photo up anyway.

Was really hungry after cleaning the horse's hooves. Too early for lunch so I got a couple of organic Twizzler type candies.
I put one down next to my water glass and out of the corner of my eye I see Mia, slowly making her way over to my candy. Like I won't notice. She sniffed...her eyes got big as marbles, her ears went side white tipped paw ever so slowly reaching for that yummy treat and I say...

Mia, what do you think you are doing? She stops her paw in mid air and She looks at me, then slowly lowers her paw and I take the candy out of her reach..she gives me a hurt look.
Then she starts sniffing again..going towards ........ and I said... Mia those are your nail clippers. I ask her if she wants her claws clipped again? Oh.. the look she gave me. LOL Big case of Cat stink eye!
Ears come back up, eyes go back to normal.. she sits down and gave me one of those cat looks, as if to say... No thank you. Licks her paw and then she walks off. Was too funny.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Williamsburg 5 ~ close ups and back areas

DH snapped this photo of me while we were walking through many of the back gardens. Really enjoyed walking in this area, there was so much to see.

Was really glad I bought these winter boots from Cabela's. Not only did my feet stay nice and warm, they are super comfy, the soles have super grip in snow and ice. I did not slip once!

Walked hand in hand with DH, under the trees that are gracefully arching over this side road. Was rather romantic.

What is hard to see, is the thick sheet Ice under that bit of sand thrown on top.

Some more of the period Wreaths. They were quite creative.

Here is a wreath with cotton right off the plant.

An adorable little house and shed.

Love the split rail fencing. A lot of work but so beautiful and peaceful looking. We both really enjoyed visiting here and it is my kind of town! ;O)
Hoping I can go back some day and see the other half of Colonial Williamsburg.

This was also our first Vacation ever and we both enjoyed it a lot!

Williamsburg 4

Beautiful little shops.

A nice Carriage house or barn.

Beautiful house and shop.

A cold morning. Bundled up as well as we were, was quite pleasant out.

A field looking towards some brick buildings.

Two of the bigger houses in Williamsburg.

Did not get to go inside either of these houses, this time around. But hopefully in the future I will.

Williamsburg Long shots

The City Hall and way, way in the background, you can see another big building.
This is the only photo in this post to be taken on 25 Dec 2010.

DH took a series of what I call "Longshots" to try to show the size of this place.
Each photo is only a small fraction of one area.

Was wonderful to stroll down the roads looking at these beautiful places with my handsome DH.

There are some seriously beautiful buildings here. All these photos where taken on 29 Dec 2010. Looks quite picturesque with all the snow.

The Governors house in colonial Williamsburg

The commons in front of the Governors palace. The size of this place is just incredible.

A close up, can see they liked to use brick and had walls around the Governor's place.

The start of the tour and this lady was fun to listen to.
I was not able to take the whole tour because of the number of stairs but I did enjoy what I was able to see.

The Parlor.

Their front hall was loaded with weapons, sure meant to either impress or scare the residents and visitors.


And some inside photos.

Is an impressive place.