Saturday, January 1, 2011

Colonial Williamsburg 3

Cute little shops, Williamsburg has so much Character.
Have to say.. I am itching to start a new painting, just have to decide which one I want to paint first, will not be easy to choose!

Front of one of the old houses.

Another shot of one of the back gardens. Really enjoyed following the unbeaten path. Could get more of a feeling for the place and found interesting nooks.

The only day they had the horses's out, which was on Christmas day. I really wanted to go on a carriage ride, horse person I am. That and I find it very romantic. ;O)
But sadly on the 29th, with all the Ice and snow, they could not bring out the carriages. So hopefully next time.

The George Wythe house.
George Washington's head quarters just before the British siege of Yorktown, and French General Rochambeau made the home his headquarters after victory at Yorktown. In 1776, the house accommodated Virginia General Assembly delegate Thomas Jefferson and his family.
Is a really nice old house,
I was told is 85% original. Repaired or replaced pieces were very well done to say the least. .

The Armory, we just walked by and did not go in, though I wish we had. Ah well.. another of those to save for next time.

Williamsburg is a really big place. Between the two days I could only walk about half of it.
Needless to say, I loved walking hand in hand with my wonderful DH.

The only down side to Williamsburg, is if you are handicapped in any way. I could of seen the whole place if I had access to a scooter or even a wheel chair.
They do not offer scooters and only have a couple of folding wheel chairs. So if you have any mobility issues, you need to bring your own transport.