Thursday, January 20, 2011

George Washington's Birthplace

Well, since this is the George Washington's birthplace blog entry, thought I would show the house again.
The Park Rangers were really nice, from taking a photo of us, to driving us around in a golf cart, which enabled me to see more of the place. Would like to give a big Thank you to them.

One of the Bedrooms... love the fireplace and wood work.

The formal dinning room. One of the only original pieces on the table is that little gold colored flask.

Inside of the kitchen... Nice fireplace for cooking food.

The Loom.
One thing I have always wanted to with the yarn I make, is weave blankets on a nice loom. Maybe some day.

Wood fencing looking towards the Monument.

Some nice little out buildings, top and bottom photos. The usual buildings, little stable, blacksmiths shop and so on.

Cute little piglet, from heritage breed of pig. I like the size of these animals, nice and small.
They also raise Tunis sheep but I did not get to see those, this time around.