Friday, January 21, 2011

Mia's abscess

Last weekend, when my roof was leaking around the Vent for the fan above the oven and having to deal with that.

I saw that Mia had an Abscess at the right back corner of her jaw. Weird shape but being the weekend, trying to find a good Vet wasn't going to happen. She seemed to be doing ok.
On Monday morning after the morning chores, I had DS take Mia to the Vet, to be dropped off and checked out, while I waited at home for Karen to come fix my roof.
Was grateful Karen was able to fix the leak on the roof. Thank you Karen!
Of course is the day the farrier also decided to show up....
I picked up Mia later that day and would need to flush the abscess twice a day.
Busy day to say the least.

Three days later...
Back from the Vet, had a nice long talk with her. Basically Mia got bit, figured that.... those field mice are huge. She is not allowed outside but she does hunt in the garage. Glad I caught it as soon as I did.
The abscess was very deep and in and around the nerves around her neck, also pressing against her wind pipe and spine. Vet had never seen an abscess that bad, over 3oz of puss out of that tiny neck of hers. There is no way to go in and make sure all areas of puss is removed, not where the abscess was. Vet said considering how bad the abscess was, she is doing well.
So she has to keep her collar on until the pocket closes up and I need to keep flushing it twice a day until it does so. Might take awhile.
Of course I will worry until she is fully healed.
She will have to wear the collar until she is healed.

Sadie not overly happy with the way Mia smells and looks but doing pretty well considering.