Thursday, January 20, 2011

Old Jamestowne

Figured I should get the rest of the vacation photos up on the Blog so family and friends could see.
Takes a number of hours to do this, but worth it.

This is Old Jamestowne. Luckily.. unlike Williamsburg, they let you use a very nice scooter for free. Without that, I would not of been able to check this place out.

DH decided to be cheeky by puffing his stomach I took the photo of him anyway and post it for all to see. LOL
One silly man he is!
Photo was taken in front of the Jamestown Monument.

A recreation of the original church, the people where Episcopalians.

An out line of the old Fort. What you do not see in this shot is that the other side of the Front and housing that was once here, ended up in the river when the banks were eroded away.

A recreation of one of timber frame buildings. This site is an on going archeological dig site, which I find really cool. One of those dream jobs.

Distance photo of the Church.

Old Jamestowne, was surrounded by marsh and water.

I just had to buy a little blue hand blow flower vase. If this house wasn't in the state of flux, I would of bought another piece. It is simple but beautiful and they were able to recreate the exact mix, to get glass of the past.
Hand made in America, a wonderful thing to have.

Sadly, I just did not have the energy to check out the recreated Jamestown with the ships and houses, looks like DH and I would love it. Another plus here, they do have scooters.