Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mia and the Candy

This is not a photo of that day... or what she was doing but I wanted to put a photo up anyway.

Was really hungry after cleaning the horse's hooves. Too early for lunch so I got a couple of organic Twizzler type candies.
I put one down next to my water glass and out of the corner of my eye I see Mia, slowly making her way over to my candy. Like I won't notice. She sniffed...her eyes got big as marbles, her ears went side white tipped paw ever so slowly reaching for that yummy treat and I say...

Mia, what do you think you are doing? She stops her paw in mid air and She looks at me, then slowly lowers her paw and I take the candy out of her reach..she gives me a hurt look.
Then she starts sniffing again..going towards ........ and I said... Mia those are your nail clippers. I ask her if she wants her claws clipped again? Oh.. the look she gave me. LOL Big case of Cat stink eye!
Ears come back up, eyes go back to normal.. she sits down and gave me one of those cat looks, as if to say... No thank you. Licks her paw and then she walks off. Was too funny.