Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Trip to Virginia

Decided to visit Husband in Virginia. So off on the plane flight I went... on the only direct flight offered.
Flight in, was smooth until we got to DC ... bit of a bumpy landing. Dulles is huge, I mean major huge. Had no idea I had to take a tram to end up where Husband can come get me. Also learned... I am shipping/mailing all my clothes home. Even a light carry on bag is too much for me. Have never been an Airport so big! Also very, very glad I did the upgraded seats! Can we say.. cattle car?!
Flying has become much more of ah... an adventure and not for the better sadly.

Welcome to Virginia.. OMG the traffic... 5 hours to get to DH's place, when it should of only taken 2 hours. By that time, felt like just going back to the Airport to fly home.
This country mouse is no longer used to that kind of traffic. :P

Next day was a little better, got to recoup. Is really nice to see husband. VBG
And where he lives, there is little traffic, so much more relaxing.

The day after we went to Williamsburg, what a wonderful place! Could only walk a 1/4 of Wiiliamsburg but I did have fun. (Wish they had scooter rentals! Or let me borrow a horse! LOL )
I could see myself riding my bay Icelandic mare or driving Maggie in her traditional wooden cart. Is so flat, wee Maggie would have no issues. Would love to have one of those lovely houses and barns! Oh.. and gardens.. sheds..
:wub Did I say I love the place?! LOL
Just started to snow lightly when we left, was almost magical that Christmas day and so very special to be there with my Husband.

Glad we went yesterday because we are getting quite the snow storm today. Good day to stay in and found out, "How to tame a Dragon" is a really good movie!

Love seeing all the big farms, though a little surprised not to see big beautiful Barns too. Like ones see's in Oregon.

DH, sharing his hat with a new friend. LOL At this point it was starting to snow. Christmas day is a great time to go to Williamsburg, yes, it is cold if you don't dress warmly, but there are very few people there.

All the photos you see with the clouds.. was taken on 25 Dec 2010. Any bright sky photos, they were taken a couple of days later.

I would love to have this Barn yarn! This is the way a town should be. ;O)

A very beautiful scene. Tiny house with a Big chimney and a wonderful split rail fence.

A back garden through the gate. I loved exploring the back gardens, where no one goes.
DH took most of the photos for me.

I love this shot. An outside view of the Barnyard I am standing in above.

Will be adding more photos and so on, in the next few days.