Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Williamsburg 5 ~ close ups and back areas

DH snapped this photo of me while we were walking through many of the back gardens. Really enjoyed walking in this area, there was so much to see.

Was really glad I bought these winter boots from Cabela's. Not only did my feet stay nice and warm, they are super comfy, the soles have super grip in snow and ice. I did not slip once!

Walked hand in hand with DH, under the trees that are gracefully arching over this side road. Was rather romantic.

What is hard to see, is the thick sheet Ice under that bit of sand thrown on top.

Some more of the period Wreaths. They were quite creative.

Here is a wreath with cotton right off the plant.

An adorable little house and shed.

Love the split rail fencing. A lot of work but so beautiful and peaceful looking. We both really enjoyed visiting here and it is my kind of town! ;O)
Hoping I can go back some day and see the other half of Colonial Williamsburg.

This was also our first Vacation ever and we both enjoyed it a lot!