Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NOT moving to VA

No go on the Move, they decided to not pay for the fencing and wanted to up the rent $400.00 a month. Neither which we can afford to do.
If we had that kind of money, we would of taken one of a couple of nice rentals that had big 6 stall, full barns with lofts, many out sheds, fully fenced and crossed fenced and turn key for horses. One was asking $1,300 a month the other $1,500 a month.
So $1,600 a month for a place not set up for horses, no barn or fencing... lets just say if I had the money I would pass on it any way.
We would rather just own our own place and not get jurked around by land lords.
So will be here until the Farm sells.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tree over driveway now out of the way.

Before and after pictures of the Branches of the Japanese flowering cherry tree in the drive way.

Tree over the drive way as been trimmed. We had to use a ladder, hack saw and pruners, managed to get it trimmed as far up as we could. I got the bigger branches and had DS do the clean up. Might not be able to get a big truck in but at least I can get the E out. Once the roads are plowed that is, what a mess out there.
DS heard something like a tree coming down and then he said Mom, the power lines are bouncing. Sure enough, told him if them come down to run to the house. Luckily, all they did was bounce wildly.
The adventures in Oregon. :P

Had to add this photo, kind cool, snow is sticking every where!

More Snow

Can see why we are not going any where until I can figure out what to do with the branches hanging over the drive way.

Power out last night, off and on for.. seemed like forever, feed back through the lines and I have never heard a Frig Electronically scream, lights over bright in bursts but before I could get to the house's circuit breaker to shut the house off, the power went out.
Look out the windows this morning,we a heavy wet snow and we got 12". Power finally back on this morning bu
t it is flickering, so I not sure how long it will stay on. :P
Not sure if all the electronic stuff is working, will check it all out later, when I know the power is going to stay on.
I have to go to town tomorrow... stupid weather. If this keeps up, will have to change the appointment to get the transmission serviced. sigh ~~

Had to turn the hot wire off, at least until this snow goes away.

Just a shot of the branches. Hopefully no more trees come down, cutting our power.

Mini Horse pasture looking towards the house.

Here the Doug Fir trees look like they are wearing wigs.
Can hear branches coming down around us, even heard a big tree go down in the back woods of the property.
Something I will have to go check out when the weather is better.