Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tree over driveway now out of the way.

Before and after pictures of the Branches of the Japanese flowering cherry tree in the drive way.

Tree over the drive way as been trimmed. We had to use a ladder, hack saw and pruners, managed to get it trimmed as far up as we could. I got the bigger branches and had DS do the clean up. Might not be able to get a big truck in but at least I can get the E out. Once the roads are plowed that is, what a mess out there.
DS heard something like a tree coming down and then he said Mom, the power lines are bouncing. Sure enough, told him if them come down to run to the house. Luckily, all they did was bounce wildly.
The adventures in Oregon. :P

Had to add this photo, kind cool, snow is sticking every where!