Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mount St Helens

DH and DS enjoying the view of Mt St Helens. Was a beautiful day, it was warm but felt a nice cool breeze coming off the Mountain. OK well in this area, the nice cool breeze could just about knock you off your feet!

Can see the Mountain steaming in the background and the Moonscape around the base. The original valley floor in this area, was 600ft lower than it is now. That is a lot of stuff the Volcano choked out.

Remember you can click on the photos to enlarge them. This is a wider view of the valley floor and the mountain. It is impressive to see in person, just the size and scale of all that went on, is mind boggling.

A wee Chipmunk posing for the camera, on one of the original tree's taken out by the Volcano.

A Lake before we arrived at St Helens. St Helens could be seen to the left of this photo.

Captured a shot of the helicopter flying over the Valley floor. In this area you can see the Ash covering where the river used to be, the guide said it was 200ft above the original Valley floor.

Another river and you can see three Elk walking in the upper right hand corner of this photo.

DH and DS posing for a photo in front of the very long bridge on the way to St Helens.
It was an incredible day.

The weather was perfect for the day's outing. The views spectacular, people friendly. Even had to jump start an older Asian couple's car twice. Glad we were there to help so they didn't get stranded.