Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Car

With DH and I driving on the HWY a lot the last couple of weeks in the Element, I firmly come to the conclusion that car just won't work for me. I didn't feel safe, and it was tiring to drive. Was squirrely at HWY speeds and add any wind or weather into the equation and lets just say it was really hard too keep it on the road.
So we went car shopping one day. We tried a number of vehicles from cars to trucks.
I loved the Tundra truck but sadly they could not find any used 08's any where in the Northwest. And that same problem followed us at every lot we looked at.
There is a serious shortage of good used cars, or used cars period around here.
We were shown this Honda Pilot, high miles on it but pretty clean and neat inside and out. And goodness, does it ever drive 100% better than the Element.
Not getting knocked around in the wind or anything else is nothing short of wonderful.

So here is our new to us, used 2008 Honda Pilot.

Plus to this one, is the gas mileage is the same as the Element and it has a much higher cargo weight capacity than the E, something we really need. Plus it will tow 4,500lbs. Which will great in the future.