Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fencing during the Holiday~

During the 3 day Holiday, Christmas, Yule, what ever you want to call it,  the family did a lot of fencing.

We wanted to get as much done as possible, so the horse's and sheep can finally have a place to run and play.
Being in that round pen this long, is hard on them.

The gates are in, a 6' for use to walk through during feed and so on and a 12', so if I need to use the tractor we will be signing for, hopefully, sometime today,  it will be easy to do work in the pasture.

All that is left to do is build a housing for the Charger, get it plugged in, will be using an extension cord for awhile and get the grounding rods connected. 
As soon as we can do this, the horse's can go into their new home.

We are hoping before next Autumn, we can get power and water too the shed, so it will be much easier to do the chores.
But right now the funds are tapped out.

Slowly we are getting the place set up nicely for both the humans and animals. ;O)