Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Roof, Horse pasture and a Muddy white horse

Wasn't at all happy when I found out we needed a new roof on the part of the house built in 2000.
The money we are having to put into that repair, should of bought, a scooter so I can get around places better, wood stove for the house and a manure vacuum. Sigh ~~
The roof repair is more important. And the family is together but will still grumble about it a bit.

Stone foundation for the wee board and batten hay shed.

Where the wee board and batten run in shed will be, hopefully sometime next week.
Was hoping for a small traditional barn but this is what we could afford. Maybe some day.

Other side of the night pasture. DH will finish this part once the run in shed is in place.

Yes, Dyfra can even find mud in VA, rather impressive.

Family is doing well.
Slowly getting things done, unpacking as I find room to put the stuff.
For such a big house, there is very little closet space and what there is didn't have any shelving or such. So DH and DS put some up.

The poor men of the house are going to have a "To Do" list, a mile long for a very long while! But at least they will never be bored. ;O)